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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  1. What is the difference between Full Tort & Limited Tort?
What is the difference between Full Tort & Limited Tort?

Ø      When you purchase auto insurance here in Pennsylvania you have to make a choice between partially giving up (Limited Tort) or retaining as is (Full Tort) your right to seek recovery for pain and suffering and other non monetary damages due to your injuries caused by another driver.


Ø      If you choose limited tort, you and members of your household may not sue for pain and suffering or other non-monetary damages unless there is a serious injury or the injuries are caused intentionally by the other driver, an out of state vehicle, a commercial vehicle, or an uninsured or intoxicated driver.  Serious injury is defined as an injury resulting in death, serious impediment of bodily function or permanent serious disfigurement.  You may, however, sue for medical bills, loss of wages, and other out of pocket expenses. If you choose this option, you will save about 40% on your premium in exchange for limiting your right to sue. 


Ø      If you decide on a full tort auto policy, you and members of your household have an unrestricted right to sue for injuries caused by other drivers.  You can seek financial compensation for all medical and other out of pocket expenses, as well as compensation for pain and suffering and other non-monetary damages.  This coverage option is more expensive than the limited tort option. 


Ø      When this choice first became available in 1990 about 15% of our customers chose limited tort the remaining 85% stayed with the full tort option.  Since then the mix has change to about 50% limited tort and 50% full tort.

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