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Gallina and Sons is the only insurance agency in western Pennsylvania specializing in the unique insurance needs of community associations. Our Agency provides insurance coverage for nearly 375 association clients made up of 30,000 association units and over $2 billion of association property. Our association insurance expertise allows us to represent a wide array of insurance carriers with products specially tailored to the needs of community associations at very competitive premiums.

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• FHA Compliance
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But comprehensive coverage at a competitive price is only part of what a community association should expect from its insurance agent. The most important difference between Gallina and Sons and other agencies is our unique insight into the insurance needs of your association and the ongoing level of service we provide our association clients.

Our association clients can expect:

• An agency recognized by the Community Associations Institute (CAI) as a Certified Insurance and Risk Management Specialist (CIRMS) see below.

• An independent agent committed to gathering multiple bids for your association every year to guarantee you have the choices you deserve.

• Brochures customized for your association describing the association's insurance program and the unit owners policies residents should purchase.

• Live association insurance seminars conducted on site at your request to educate your unit owners on insurance issues and answer their questions.

• Association insurance claims experts to be your advocate to the carrier in the event of a loss, guaranteeing a full and fair claim settlement.

• Service personnel aware of mortgage underwriting guidelines ready to explain your insurance program to lenders to expedite loan processing.

• Prompt and accurate processing of insurance certificate requeses.

• Personal insurance specialists trained in the unique coverage needs of association unit owners available to help residents with their personal insurance needs or to answer questions from their agents.

CAI and the CIRMS Designation

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) is a national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, competent, harmonious community associations. For nearly 40 years, CAI has been the leader in providing education opportunities and other resources to the volunteer homeowners who govern community associations and the professionals who support them. CAI's members include community association volunteer leaders, professional managers, community management firms and other professionals and companies that provide products and services to associations.

CAI developed the Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist (CIRMS) designation to assist its members in identifying insurance professionals who specialize in the unique insurance needs of community associations. Only insurance agents with extensive experience in association insurance are eligible to receive the CIRMS designation. An agent qualifying for the CIRMS designation has demonstrated an advanced level of association insurance expertise and a dedication to community leadership.

To date, only 77 insurance professionals at fewer than 35 agencies in the United States have met the stringent requirements to receive the CIRMS designation. Gallina and Sons is the only agency in western Pennsylvania with this designation.

The requirements for an agent to earn the CIRMS designation are:

• Have Five years of experience where the agent is primarily compensated for providing advice, consultation, or insurance services to community associations. 

• Provide insurance advice, consultation, or services to a minimum of twenty-five community associations in the previous three years. 

• Pass either the CMCA examination, the M-205 Risk Management course, or the M-330 Advanced Insurance and Risk Management course (or demonstrate other advanced training). 

• Either serve on the local CAI chapter board of directors, as a member of a CAI national committee, or as a CAI national trustee (or a combination of lesser offices). 

• Demonstrate association industry leadership through a combination of publication, public speaking on association issues, and participation in national and chapter level seminars on association topics. 

• Provide references from five community associations for which the agent provides insurance advice, consultations, or services. 

• Be sponsored by three association industry professionals (typically community managers) 

• Have never been involved in a bankruptcy, been convicted of fraud or similar financial crime, have committed a felony or misdemeanor of any kind in the previous ten years, or been subject to disciplinary action by any professional organization. 

• Read, sign, have notarized, and faithfully abide by the Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist Code of Ethics.

CIRMS designees are requited to submit a re-designation application every three years.


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